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The Career Sure Programme provides career guidance and study direction.

It is a scientific aptitude assessment programme that identifies your natural aptitudes, which are core to job satisfaction and career success. Developed by Brian Noble (Achievement Discoveries), the CareerSure programme has helped thousands successfully realise their career development and personal goals.

Returning to Work

Been out of the workforce for a time perhaps bringing up children, through sickness or other reasons, returning to the workforce can be a challenge.

Never select a position or career below what they are capable of. CareerSure will give you the tools to know for sure the best career and how to succeed to a high level.

Your work needs to bring satisfaction and great income.
CareerSure will give you the insight to know the best career and then provide the tools to help you get there.


Being successful in athletics or sports requires discipline and dedication.
This same focused attention to succeed in sporting careers often causes us to pay less attention to our life after sports.

CareerSure provides both the clear career direction and shows how we can use disciplines we’ve developed through sport to transition easier and with greater success.

Preparing and having the next career step planned is the wise choice, CareerSure will provide what you need to transition from full-time sport to the next career step.

Boredom Busting

Studying without a purpose? It feels like a waste of time, it’s boring. We ask “why am I studying this?” or “will I ever use this information?”

When you have a clear career direction you know the subjects to choose; now there is a definite purpose in the study. Know what you should study before you spend the money.

Working in a job that doesn’t fit? It’s boring or frustrating. Work that fits our natural abilities is enjoying and fulfilling, it’s fun. Change boredom to satisfaction, it’s easy with CareerSure. Find out how you can truly love your work.


CareerSure is a product and service run by Achievement Discoveries Ltd, an Auckland based company who since the year 2000, has helped thousands of people with career and business success through enabling people to work within their natural strengths.

At CareerSure we are passionate about uncovering latent human potential and discovering the created greatness that lies in each of us.  We want to help equip people to achieve their greatest accomplishments.

About Brian Noble

The company was founded by Brian Noble following his extensive experience and success in senior management positions with multi-national businesses such as Canon and Xerox.

He recognised that most of us use only a small percentage of our natural abilities and given insight to our true capabilities and tools to release these abilities we can achieve amazing things.

Life, The Universe and All That’s In It

This page is for you the STUDENT… whether you’re a geek, a complete sports fanatic or someone in between…

We know that “UR gr8 and maybe just a little bit crZ?” too (in a totally good way of course). So we are here to help you see your uniqueness and “total awesomeness”.

At the end of the Career Sure process you get a nice, shiny report telling you how INCREDIBLE you are – you know the stuff you’ve been telling your parents for years (except now you have something really official to show them and best of all its scientifically based so they have to believe it).

We know you have lots of questions you want answers for and hopefully we have covered off the stuff you need to know below.
If you still have questions though – check out the rest of our site, the FAQ page or contact us and we’ll get on it.

P.S. If your PARENTS want to look at something they can go HERE – we even gave them their own button!

Career Choices: Are you at a crossroad and need to be sure?

Career and job choices number in the hundreds of thousands, and they are evolving all the time. what’s more, you’ve only been exposed to a fraction of them. You may think that you know what you want to do, but how can you be sure?

The Career Sure Programme is a scientific aptitude assessment programme that identifies your natural aptitudes, which are core to job satisfaction and career success. Read more about Aptitudes here.

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