Key Three: Adapt your career plan.

When the Roman Empire ruled the known world it was said “All roads lead to Rome” this is not the case with careers. All study or career directions do not lead to your career success.

Some which looked good when you planned to go in that direction could now be a dead-end, others may have changed and you need to alter your career direction. There are new careers and positions becoming available regularly, 30 years ago becoming a Barista was not known; now there are hundreds of thousands of Baristas.

Constant change of career opportunities, decline and birth of careers requires each of us to be regularly revising and adapting our career plans, making those small adjustments to get to that perfect work that’s satisfying, fulfilling and we could say “I would do this job even if I was not paid”.

The main thing is to be adaptable, take your research from Key two and brainstorm how you can adjust your career to where the opportunities are. If you cannot see any connection between the career you are in and the pathway to your next career opportunity, brainstorm with others. There will always be a solution, you just need to find it.

Working with thousands of different people over almost two decades there are ever increasing connections and transferable skills that are needed and can be used in another area than you are currently working in or are skilled at.

If you can’t work out the best career for you, then seek some professional help. A few hundred dollars spent on professional career help could save you lots of heartache, stress and dissatisfaction, plus you could be in a position that is earning you thousands of dollars more.

All the best with your future career, my hope is that you may be in a career that is as fulfilling, enjoyable and exciting as mine.